A simple way to stand out in a cluttered marketplace

This question is on the mind of every business owner and brand builder.

“How can I stand out in an increasingly cluttered world?”

It’s daunting to seek to get people’s attention in today’s message-heavy, fast-paced world. I know that fear well and spend my time creating ways to get people to see and engage with my client’s brands. But, a few years ago I was reminded of how simple standing out can be.

In my last role I travelled a lot. I spent more than my fair share of time in planes and taxis. At first it was fun to be in different states each week, but the novelty wore off quickly. On one particular trip I met Abraham.

Early one morning at 4.30am, a taxi pulled up in front of my apartment building, I opened the back door and hopped in. As we pulled away from the curb and entered the traffic the cab driver smiled at me, introduced himself as “Abraham”, and struck up a conversation.

He was chatty.

“Oh great,”  I thought. I just wanted to be home in bed, not hurtling toward the airport in the early hours of Monday morning with a talkative taxi driver. Regardless, I was polite and we talked the entire 25 mins to the airport.

When we arrived at Sydney Airport I took out my credit card ready to pay, and Abraham asked,

“When are you coming back?”

“Tonight”, I said.

He replied, “I’ll pick you up so you don’t need to wait in line for a taxi. And you can pay me then.”

He continued, “Do you like Lebanese food? I will have dinner waiting for you.”

“Ok”, I said, a little surprised, “I will see you tonight.”

He sped off into the early morning Sydney traffic.

That night when I returned to Sydney, there he was, my chatty cabbie, waiting for me with enough homemade Lebanese food to feed my whole family … three times!

He was dressed in a suit and had a big smile on his face like he was welcoming home a relative. That was 5 years ago.

Since then, obviously, I use Abraham whenever I need a taxi. And so does my extended family, and many of my friends.

In fact, Abraham has developed such a strong customer base that he is mostly booked out and rarely takes a call over the radio.

Now please consider this …

If ever there was a cluttered marketplace it’s Sydney Taxis. Sydney has the largest amount of Taxi’s per person in Australia. If you want to start a Taxi business, Sydney is not the place to do it. Yet Abraham has created a specialty service in a commoditised and cluttered market. And he has more than enough work.

Now each time I get off that plane and into Abraham’s cab, I feel at home, long before I arrive at my apartment. For that I’d pay a premium.

Standing out and getting people talking about what you do is easier than you think.

Hope this is helpful.



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